Mormon, Hidden Valley, and National Trails, South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ – Febuary 6, 2016

My cousin Steven and I hiked at South Mountain today, part of the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department. There are three mountain ranges that make up South Mountain Park: Ma Ha Tuak, Gila, and Guadalupe. We were on the Guadalupe Range today and did a lollipop style hike: we hiked in on the Mormon Trail, did a loop along the National and Hidden Valley Trails, then returned via the Mormon Trail. The hike was close to 4 miles. We started hiking around 8:15am and finished around 11:00am.

Many of the hikes in the City of Phoenix have a lot of people traffic on them. When we started it wasn’t that busy but as we were returning to the car the traffic was picking up.

The terrain along this hike had huge boulders that created a spectacular rocky environment. The last trail I did at South Mountain didn’t have the large boulders that this trail had. I would imagine that today’s hike would be excellent reptile habitat. I’m excited to see when the reptiles start to become active again.



An interesting rock formation known as Fat Man’s Pass
Squeezing through Fat Man’s Pass

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