Shaw Butte and Butcher Jones Trail, Arizona-January 9 and 10, 2016

This weekend was really great. On Saturday morning, my cousin Steven, friends Dan and Natalie, and myself hiked to the top of Shaw Butte located in the North Mountain Preserve that is part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. After that I did some birding with a friend from Audubon. He showed me several great birding locations along the Salt River. The Salt River is a tributary of the Gila River which is a tributary of the Colorado River (Wikipedia). The Salt River pass through Phoenix and its headwater tributaries are in the White Mountains, located east of Phoenix. The locations we visited were about 20 miles north of Mesa, which is a suburb   of Phoenix. This was such a great location I decided to return for a hike on Sunday along the Butcher Jones Trail in Tonto National Forest. Below are some photos from the weekend:

Misty morning at Shaw Butte, Phoenix, AZ
Looking west from the top of Shaw Butte, Phoenix, AZ
View of Four Peaks from the entrance to Butcher Jones Recreation Site at Tonto National Forest, AZ; Four Peaks is covered with snow and in the clouds
Phainopepla at Butcher Jones Recreation Site, Tonto National Forest, AZ


Female great-tailed grackle watching us eat our lunches at Buther Jones Recreation Site
Vermilion flycatcher at the Granite Reef Recreation Area along the Salt River, Tonto National Forest, AZ; this is the bird that I’ve seen on advertisements for birding in Arizona
Redhead at a home owner’s association, Mesa, AZ – I only saw these birds from a distance in New York and they were just hanging out looking for food in a residential area in Arizona
Male  ring-necked ducks at a home owner’s association in Mesa, AZ
The male Costa’s hummingbird that frequents my hummingbird feeder in Phoenix

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